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14 May 2007

What ? (UPDATE)

Tree days of work...
Complete overview of all responses in the hearing: http://www.oio.dk/standarder?o=9b1af78d25d35b00844474af28280d6e

As you know from my previous blogposts there has been two reports in the past week. Both reports from Rambøll Management tries to cover the economic consequences in case of one and two document standards. Se the reports here: http://www.oio.dk/standarder?o=da4dcd4e27ef86695e8d082b16781c15

And as we live in a democratic country, these reports is open for a tree days hearing. It's not a spelling mistake this time. Tree days was what we had to read, analyze and answer.

My respond to the hearing on behalf of the Community OpenOffice.org i Denmark

Hearing respond from John Gøtze.

The Danish Open Source Business Association has also responded. That respond has not yet been published, but there is a short article about it on Version2 http://www.version2.dk/artikel/2465

It seems that the reports is full of fauls and miscalculations. This is supposed to be documents ment to be used in the Parliament to make a decision. I hope the MP's gets some better and more accurate documents too.

(Sorry, most of the work is in danish)

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