Lodahl's blog: 10/01/2006 - 11/01/2006

30 October 2006

OpenOffice.org on Danish LinuxForum Bof last saturday

Last Saturday I was lucky to represent the native danish project on LinuxForum BoF (Birth of a Feather) (http://bof.linuxforum.dk/2006/bofs/) at Symbion (http://www.symbion.dk) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The BoF was arranged by BSD-DK, DKUUG and SSLUG.

I presented the latest news in 2.04 and some goodies from 2.1 (future).

We had a good discussion about education and development of a new "PC-drivers license". We have a good dialog with Dansk-IT (http://www.dansk-it.dk).

Another issue was the poor spellchecker. What can we do to make it better ? My suggestion is to ask one or two danish universities to help make it a quality spellchecker. Language components is not to be produced by me or you. Qualified people with specific language skills should be involved in the project.

Danish newsletter on OpenOffice.org

October newsletter has been published



16 October 2006

Easy use of OpenClipart.org

I'm often using cliparts from OpenClipart.org in my Writer documents. I don't want to download the whole package from the site; and for several reasons:

  • It takes up a lot of space on my harddisk and most of it i'll never use anyway
  • New cliparts is added every day

When I need to use a clipart I'll find it on the site directly. Usually I find it by browsing the archives.
When I'we found the clipart that I'll like to use in my document, I open it with the browser. Then I can copy the URL-address to the clipboard.
In Writer; I can insert an object (Insert > OLE-object > From file) and paste the URL into the field and hit Enter

13 October 2006


Today it's the OpenOffice.org 6th. anniversary. Congratulations ! On the
very same day we see 2.04. Fantastic. No more and no less.

Today has been a good day. Its Friday the 13th. but its NOT a scary night tonight. Its celebration and happy hour.

I'm proud to be a part of this. Thank you everyone !