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28 May 2007

Analyzing the situation

Well, you never know with politics...

I'm a little bit worried about the result of the debate in the Parliament. Not because we didn't do a good job. And not that I don't think Kim Østrup will do a good job on June 6th.

But because its politics !

The MP's don't always vote as we expect them to. The reason is, that the votings are not individually decided. Bargains are made in the corridors between the meetings.

I'll vote for you if you'll vote for me.
Thats the way it works in the Danish Parliament.

This case is not a case that can put the government under pressure, because the public will never understand the case. It would be much easier if we were talking about pension age or tax rates. People can understand that. So if the Minister of Science and Technology stands, he will be able to hold his position and do the dual standard implementation. Well, it will cost him later on, because he will be in debt to the supporting parties, but anyway - it can happen.

Its summer. Official summer holidays in the Parliament begins on June 1th. The hearing is on June 6th. So the members are in a hurry, they are already late. Experience says, that the case will not be decided with great wisdom but with one foot already on the beach.

The good thing is, that the original resolution was submitted by Morten Messerschmidt from Dansk Folkeparti (DF). DF could be one of the parties that would sell the case for something else. But because the resolution was proposed by DF in the first place, they might want to call it 'important'.

I expect a decision on June 6th. or just a few days later.

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