Lodahl's blog: Things escalated today

27 May 2007

Things escalated today

Suddenly my problems escalated today. Well, not the problem, but more the support from back office. I think I'we received about 25 mails today, with useful information. I will read all these mails tomorrow and then I will write a letter to the Members of the Parliament.

Thanks to Mathias Bauer, Charles-H Schultz and Louis for the support so far.
Thanks to Sophie Gautier for the information on the French Parliament and Marko Grönross for information about Finnish Ministry of Justice.

I hope to meet you all some day and tell you that we won the battle. But I can't promise anything.

Tonight I found out why I'm doing this: It feels fantastic to get so many mails from people I'we never met. People that cares.

I also have to find out how to use the press more actively. I guess that's one of my weak areas.

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