Lodahl's blog: 08/01/2009 - 09/01/2009

30 August 2009

OpenOffice 3.1.1 released

Today Monday will be the day of OpenOffice.org 3.1.1. This is a bug-fix version and there are no actual new features this time.

Be aware of fraud websites that are offering OpenOffice.org for money. In best case you will be paying for something that is actually free - or worse - you (sorry, your computer) will get infected by virus or trojans.

OpenOffice.org is free. You can download it from www.openoffice.org or da.openoffice.org (danish version). You are asked to register as you have installed the product but OpenOffice will work no matter if you register or not.


28 August 2009

The expert panel will be called in again

After a few weeks of a rather hot debate on Danish Internet media regarding the final report from the National Authority of Competition, the decision was made this morning: The Parliament told the minister of IT and Technology to call in the expert panel again.

The case is not yet closed!

This is a very important victory for the open source community, because three reports has recommended dual standards. The members of Parliament didn't take these reports as a vote. The members has surely listened to the critics of the reports and will not make a final decision based on reports of varying quality.

English translation:

25 August 2009

Wanted: Did you integrate OpenOffice in your business application?

One of the most common oppositions we hear from IT professionals and business managers against shifting away from Microsoft Office is this:

We cannot change away from MS because we are using MS Office in conjunction with this and that application
  • How difficult is it to integrate OpenOffice or ODF in an existing business application?
  • Do any of you have actual experience doing it?
  • How can we exchange knowledge and experiences on this matter?
Please give me comments