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11 May 2007

It's not THAT rotten

John Gøtze was so kind to refer to my blog. His subject is "Something IS rotten in the State of Denmark".

I must say that I don't agree with John this time.

Ok I agree that something is rotten in the Ministry, but the the PM's didn't accept the proposal as is.

Remember the background for the case. B 103 was NOT a proposal from the Minister. It came from the PM's. The Minister was forced to accept it because of the political situation in the Parliament.

The implementation plan from the Minister opens this 'back door' for Microsoft, but the PM's didn't just eat it. The implementation plan was NOT approved by the Parliament. Not for now anyway.

So things isn't that rotten anyway.

Byt the way, my name is Lodahl not Lohdal ;-)

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