Lodahl's blog: Therapy

20 May 2007


Today I didn't do much work on the computer. The last few days has been quite intensive.

So today I thought I should take a day of. The garden needed someone to attend to it. I got the hedge trimmed. But when I wanted to move the lawn, I couldn't start the lawn mover. I must see to that tomorrow when the shops open again. I hope it's just the sparking plug. If it is, I can fix it my self. Otherwise I need someone to see to it.

It was really nice to get out and do something else than thinking. Pure therapy, except that my shoulders and my back hurts...

I have been working on my speak for a couple of days now. I think I have received about a hundred mails with suggestions for the speak. But unfortunately I can't take all the good subjects into my speak. I have 15 minutes with the committee and I must focus on one or two subjects. I don't want to talk about the economical consequences because everybody is talking about that at the moment. So I think I'll talk about something else. Openness. Yes that will be my keyword. Try to have a look at this report.

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