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24 May 2007

Additional information

When I got home from the city yesterday afternoon, I has a few phonecalls with the press.

This morning I had a very interesting conversation with the IT-manager Lars Roark in one of the cities around Copenhagen (City of Roedovre).

City of Roedovre did some analyzes earlier on the issue converting documents. The conclusions are very clear; that the parameters in the economical consequences are totally wrong. Lars also point out several mistakes in the reports from Ramboell Management.

Today Lars published some details from the report here. This report is published by the organization Local Government Denmark.

This issue is very interesting right now, because this was exactly what I discussed with the members of the Parliament yesterday. Members of The Parliament are afraid that a swift to ODF will cost a lot of time (=money).

But now it seems that the prize is not nearly as high as discussed in the reports. The same reports mentioned by the way, that the parameters time used for conversion makes the calculations in the reports extremely sensitive.

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