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08 May 2007

More reports to read

Today the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation released another two reports regarding the costs (economic consequences) of implementing two standards (ODF and EOOXML) in stead of one (ODF).

The conclusion is, that a double implementation will cost DKK 41,5 mio over five years, but a single choice will cost DKK 180 mio.

The reports has been released today and I am still reading and analyzing.

Link to the reports:
http://www.oio.dk/standarder?o=da4dcd4e27ef86695e8d082b16781c15 in Danish. Sorry, no English translation.

Tomorrow there will be a meeting in the minestry and the Minister (MP Helge Sander) expects a conclusion soon.

Tonight I will probably try to get in contact with as many MP's as possible. Probably by e-mail because of the lack of time.

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