Lodahl's blog: No money ?

10 May 2007

No money ?

The Minister is looking for institutions in Denmark who would be willing to participate in a "study and pilot project". Unfortunately he can't find any volunteers. Guess why. The institutions has to pay for it them selves.

The result will finally be (my guess) that some institutions will be pointed out by the Minister. What impact do you think motivation will have, when the participants don't really want to be there ?

If we are lucky the final result will be useless. But I think that the result will show wrong figures instead of actually reveal the truth.

Denmark is about to decide if we should go with two or only one standard for document exchange in the public. The implementation will cost quite a lot of money, but it is expected to pay back over years. Thats what's called an investment. According to the two reports from the Minister of Science, we are talking about 180 million danish kroner.

Normally you would make some inquiries before you invest money. You know, find out about the risk, find if others had good or bad experience and so on.

"No !" says the Minister. "We can not afford to pay for inquiries".

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