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11 May 2007

How come ?

Why ?

Please tell me why The Prime Minister Ander Fogh Rasmussen and Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Helge Sander is so happy about Microsoft?

Untill some one explains this to me, I'll select one of these reasons:

  1. In my studies over the last many years, I have noticed some very scarring facts about decisions in IT-organizations. When we talk about IT you would expect the decisions to be made in IT-department. Or at least in conjunction with the IT-department. But I have often seen, that the management level overrules IT, simply because they are afraid of changing the every-day work. Afraid that they, the people at the absolute highest level, will fail.
  2. In 2002 Microsoft bought the Danish IT-company called 'Navision'. ERP etc., now called Microsoft Dynamics a company in Vedbæk, just a few miles north of Copenhagen. Today there is about 1.400 employees and Dynamics in Vedbæk is the largest Microsoft development center outside the US. In February 2005 Bill Gates visited Copenhagen and at a meeting with The Prime Minister and The Minister of Science, Bill Gates threatened to take development 'home' (to the States), if the Danish government became too hostile to Microsoft. This is about the same time, where Europe began to find out what was going on in State of Massachusetts.
    My guess is that some promises was made at the meeting.
Which explanation should I pick Pick ?
In a world without borders; do we really need Office(TM), Windows(r) and Gates(c) ?
Sorry, I couldn't help telling this little joke ;-)

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