Lodahl's blog: 03/01/2009 - 04/01/2009

14 March 2009

One product that I dont want!

Microsoft is suffering during the financial crisis. Of cause. Who isn't. But now Microsoft is again looking around for new markets to take over. I honestly thought it was a joke when I first saw that Microsoft is working on software for cars.

I will turn in my drivers license if that happens.

Just think about what will happen if you press the “Close Windows” button? Will it close the cars windows or will it close....Windows?

Imagine that you are going to see your mothers house in the weekend. On the way, you need to make a left turn.

“Your 30 trial version of 'Left Turn' has expired. Would you like to buy 'Left Turn' now?”

YES YES YES give me 'Left Turn' software NOW.

“Downloading....”. “Please read the EULA carefully. Do you accept the terms and conditions?”


“This application consist of third party software. Please accept these third party terms and conditions. Do you accept the third party EULA?”


“Windows needs to be restarted after install of new software. Will restart in 15 14 21 Please wait while Windows is restarting....”

“The installed driver is corrupt. Please replace driver. “

“Please wait while Windows is restarting....”

“Doing consistency check on drive c:. Please wait 1%”

“Starting Windows”

"Restarting Windows"

Okay. Now you are on the way, but on the highway, you can see one truck ahead driving very slow so you want to reduce speed. You know; just in case.

“The application 'Brakes 2.03' is not compatible with your audio software. Would you like to search for compatible software?”

NO you don't have the time. You are trying to avoid an accident and you try to pass the truck without hiding it. You don't make it and crashes right into the truck.

Remember a 'crash' in the real world is a CRASH. Metal towards metal...terrible sound when that happens. I'm very happy that you have that wonderful airbag installed in your car. When you wake up again, you will see this message on the screen:

”Airbag ejection activated. Are you sure?”

If you see a guy on the highway on a bike – that me and it's running Linux!

03 March 2009

Translating OpenOffice.org extensions

One very important feature in OpenOffice.org is the ability to extend the functionality of the program with extensions. Most public extensions can be found in the official extension repository here: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/.

It is very important for the community, that as many extensions as possible are localized or translated into as many languages as possible. There is a tool for translation in the form of an extension. You can find it here: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/extension-translator. When you have installed this extension, you can translate all other extensions that you have installed. You just have to remember to return the translated file to the original developer.

I though find this a little too technical.

I tried to find another way that makes it more easy for the end user to submit a translation. I own an extension called Lorem Ipsum Generator. You can find it here: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/Lorem_ipsum_generator. And I would very much like it to be translated into more languages. I have created a Form on Google Docs, where you can fill in the translated strings and then submit it directly to me. You can find the form here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=cEhWWTVMUmRFdmpSR0NtQjVEM1FTUGc6MA..

The extension Lorem Ipsum Generator is so far in English, Danish and Italian. Please provide me with more translations.

01 March 2009