Lodahl's blog: 2012

13 December 2012

MSIEXEC parameters

Some time ago I wrote a few articles about administrative installation of LibreOffice on Windows. I have had quite a lot of feedback. Later there has come a wiki page on The Document Foundation wiki: Its called Deployment and Migration.

Nice but its still rather cumbersome to actually create a parameter string that works.

I have created a MSIEXEC parameter generator in a very simple spreadsheet. You can fill in the questionnaire and with a single click you get the complete string of parameters. There is not much error handling and evaluation so you can actually generate strings that doesn't work when you try to run it. But that might come later if any interest?

You can find the template with the macro on the extension website: http://templates.libreoffice.org/template-center/libreoffice-msi-generator . The template is waiting for approval currently, but I expect it to be approved shortly. Until the template gets approved you can get it from Dropbox here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9348527/LibreOffice_MSI.ots.

09 April 2012

The task panel in LibreOffice

LibreOffice has a very little known feature called the task pane. You might already be familiar with the navigator and the Styles and formatting dialogues. These dialogues are dockable whitch means that you can glue the dialogues to the border of the LibreOffice window.

It is however possible to create your own dockable dialogues. The dialogue becomes dockable through the so called task panel.

The task panel is only visible when you actively choose to show it and besides that you can only show it if it has content. In the view menu you might find the menu item “Task panel”. But as mentioned its only present in the menu if the task panel has an active content. When its visible it can be docked to one of the sides of the window or it can be floating. You can move it around and put it where you find it best for you.

In my case I have transformed an existing extension – the “Lorem Ipsum Generator” to show up in the task panel. As the task panel has a very little prominent occurrence in LibreOffice I decided to keep the Lorem Ipsum icon in the tool bar but now it only toggles the task panel on and off.

The result is that the tool becomes available at all times. Not open and close the dialogue any more. Just put the cursor wherever you want some dummy text and click the button in the task panel.


In the discussion about usability and “the new GUI” I think this could be the beginning. Of course the whole concept must have an overhaul as there are still some problems. First of all I don't think it's possible to use a localizable dialogue in the task panel. Therefore I had to keep the dialoque in English only but I hope that this will be only for a short time until I find out how to localize it. Another problem is that its not a trivial task to transform a dialogue into a a task panel item. I don't even think its possible to do with basic alone. i think it should be possible to generate an extension with dockable dialogues as its possible to generate extensions with the extension packager.

Anyway. I believe that the task panel could easily become a very important step into a new GUI. Not alone but followed by other efforts. Also we need to discuss if some of the existing built in dialogues in LibreOffice could easily be transformed into dockable tools. One thing I personally would like to see is the word count dialogue made dockable. Since 3.5 this dialogue has been modal witch means that it can be open while you type. It would be an obvious decision to put that dialogue in the dock.

What do you think? Would it be a good idea to continue to work on the task panel idea?

If you want to try my extension you can find it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9348527/LoremIpsum.oxt but please have in mind that its not yet completely finished.