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28 June 2007

Miscellaneous things before my vacation

I'm just finishing the Danish OpenOffice.org Newsletter for July. You know, the final brush over and corrections. Try to get additional information in the last minute. The newsletter will be send to approximately 1.000 receivers in the weekend.

I'm announcing release of the Danish version of OpenOffice.org 2.2.1. This time we are far behind schedule, because of several unfortunate things. First the QA was late. Bad luck, but that wasn't enough. When we wanted to upload to dotsrc, where the Danish versions are stored, we couldn't connect because of some problems on the Danish server. We can still see some slow performance once in a while. We will look into another solution soon because we can't live with this situation. We are trying to find out how the bouncer server works.

Lots of things are to be done in the summer period. Translation is in good progress: 69024 of 69336 strings are completely done and I think the last 300 strings will be translated and approved over the next couple of days. Nice to be finished with that. Thanks guys.

My travel to Barcelona in September is safe now. I managed to raise funds here in Denmark. Thanks to Symfoni Software and Sun Microsystems. Now I just need to prepare my presentation.

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