Lodahl's blog: It's fake (or how low can you go ?)

19 June 2007

It's fake (or how low can you go ?)

Hey, what do you do, if you are a large company struggling against NGOs in a political fight ?

You start your own organization and claims that it's independent, open and democratic. This way you can make it look like you have wide support. Now you are not alone anymore. You have this 'friend' that you can ask for favors. The puppet will do exactly what you tell him to do. Now you only need an office on an expensive address.

Then you send letters (from this organization) to relevant political institutions about whatever you want to say, and they will believe it's from someone important.

Ref.: http://www.softwarechoice.org


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should tell its members then who include:
3fifteen Technology Solutions (South Africa) ACCUDAQ (USA)
ACE Neue Informationstechnologien (Austria) ADN (Spain)
Adonix (France) Advanced Computer Technology (Egypt)
Agencia Eletronica (Brazil) Ahnlab (South Korea)
AIS Technology Services (USA) Al Alamaih Electronics (Kuwait)
Al Nafitha Information Technology (Saudi Arabia) Alan Technology (UAE)
AlfaGroup (Costa Rica) Alignet (Peru)
Allen Indusries (USA) Alnafitha Information Technology (Saudi Arabia)
Alpha Data (UAE) Alternate Advantage Computers (USA)
Amautage (UAE) AMITI (Mexico)
Anica System (Poland) Anker Group (UK)
Annex Systems (USA) AP Schweiz Informatik (Switzerland)
Applied Computer Services Company - HASIB (Saudi Arabia) AppLogix (USA)
AppsChannel (USA) AppsOutlet (USA)
Arab Academy For Microsoft Technologies (Jordan) Arabesque W.L.L. (Kuwait)
Arabic Computer Systems (Saudi Arabia) Aris Online Korea (South Korea)
Arti Informatiche (Italy) ArtinSoft (Costa Rica)
AS Software (Spain) Asociación Chilena de Empresas de Tecnolgias de Información A.G. (Chile)
Aspel de Mexico (Mexico) Assisted Solutions (USA)
Association of Thai Software Industry (Thailand) ASSOFT - Portuguese Software Association (Portugal)
Audit One (Brazil) AutoCont (Czech Republic)
Autodesk (USA) AVATAR (Peru)
Baltic Amadeus (Lithuania) Bavely Computer Systems (Egypt)
BIT Software (Romania) BITS (Pakistan)
BMD Systems (Austria) BPI Information Systems (USA)
Brasoftware (Brazil) Brazilian Chamber of E-Commerce (Brazil)
bridge-tech.com (USA) Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (Bulgaria)
Business Technology Solutions (Jordan) CAD R&D Center Progress (Bulgaria)
Cartwight&Goodwin (USA) CDN (Poland)
Centrale de Softwares (Brazil) Chamber of Software Producers of Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Circle Solutions (USA) CityMediaOnline.net (Lebanon)
Codisa Software (Costa Rica) Coffee Studio (Brazil)
Compass Software (UK) CompTIA (USA)
Compusol ME (UAE) Computacion en Accion (Mexico)
Computer Graphics Systems (USA) Computer Learning Center (USA)
Computer Masters (USA) Computer World (Bahrain)
Computerists United (USA) CONSEIN (Venezuela)
Coperon Technologies (France) Copper State Communications (USA)
Corporate Fushion (Philippines) Coyote Creek Consulting (USA)
crea-rj (Brazil) CRG PR (Puerto Rico)
Crystal Clear Solutions (USA) CSC Brasil Sistemas (Brazil)
CustomScoop (USA) Cyber Rapid Integrated Software Solutions (Pakistan)
Cysive (USA) Daneware (Denmark)
Data Systems Austria AG (Austria) DataArt (USA)
Datoprogrammu Apgads (Latvia) DBX (France)
DE GAMMA (France) DEV NET Systems (Puerto Rico)
Diamante Spa (Italy) Digital Design (Russian Federation)
Dimensión Informática (Spain) divine (India)
DS Group (Italy) DSC Laboratories (Canada)
DUCONT (UAE) E Genium, SG (Mexico)
E-Business Solutions (India) e-Zest (India)
e.com institute (South Africa) Econium (USA)
Edoceo Systems (USA) EDS (USA)
Egypt Cyber Center (Egypt) EIS Data Systems (USA)
EMA Computers (USA) Ensemble Group (USA)
EPI Internet Direct (Canada) Eqos (UK)
Erad International (Bahrain) ESS Computers (USA)
Estarta (Jordan) Exceed IT Services (UAE)
Executrain ME (UAE) Feelanet (South Korea)
FekraSoft (Egypt) Financial Technologies (Greece)
Foreman and Associates (USA) Gama Computers (UAE)
Gambit-trade (Slovenia) GEMS Vivax Consulting (Costa Rica)
GeneSoft Labs (Puerto Rico) Global Bay Mobile Technologies (USA)
Global Care Solutions (Thailand) GMatrix (Mexico)
GNS Egypt (Egypt) Gordic (Czech Republic)
Gratex International (Slovakia) Greywolf Technologies (USA)
Grupo SP (Spain) GRUPO TBA (Brazil)
GrupoGeo (Brazil) GSI Caribe (Dominican Republic)
GTI (Spain) Guide for Information Technology (Egypt)
Gulfweb International (Kuwait) Helmes (Estonia)
Hepta Informatica (Brazil) Hitec O (Norway)
Hogia AB (Sweden) Hong Kong Software Industry Information Center (Hong Kong)
Ideas Computacionales de Mexico (Mexico) Imagin (USA)
Indonesian Telematics Software Association - ASPILUKI (Indonesia) InfoGraph Ltd. (Greece)
InfoMediKa (Puerto Rico) Information Systems Impact (Greece)
Infotech (Bulgaria) Infozech (India)
Innova Advanced Consulting (Spain) Insario Corp (USA)
InsERT (Poland) Integrated Visions Group (Saudi Arabia)
IntegriNet Solutions (USA) Intel (USA)
Inteli-Scape (Cyprus) Interactive Homes (USA)
International Information Technology (Oman) Intertec (UAE)
INTERTNS (South Korea) INTERVATE (South Africa)
InTouch Systems (USA) Irimi (USA)
IrisCube (Italy) Irish Software Association (Ireland)
Isla Soft (Spain) istation.com (USA)
IT Partners (USA) ITdesign Software Projects & Consulting (Austria)
ITQAN (UAE) ITWorx (Egypt)
IXOS (Germany) Jackrabbit Microwave (USA)
Jans National (Pvt) Limited (Bangladesh) Japan Personal Computer Software Association (Japan)
Jupiter Systems (Philippines) JVD (Bulgaria)
KalSoft Pvt (Pakistan) KI Systems (USA)
Kirchofer Consulting (USA) Koinonia Computing (USA)
Korea Software Property Council (South Korea) Lane Systems (Philippines)
Liberty Tree Enterprises (USA) Lidersoft (Costa Rica)
LINKdotNET (Egypt) Logical Data (Costa Rica)
Logotec (Poland) Macaw (Netherlands)
Mamut ASA (Norway) MDS Computers (UAE)
MEDIAPPS (France) Mega-Data Services (USA)
Meridio (UK) Micronext (Mexico)
Micros (Egypt) Microsoft Corporation (USA)
MICROSYS (Italy) Microtech (Egypt)
Mideast Data Systems (UAE) MII (Austria)
Millennium Dynamic Technology (USA) MNS (Egypt)
MPO Iberica (Spain) MT Software (USA)
Multimidia Brasil Software (Brazil) National Control Center (Kuwait)
Nelson Softnet (Spain) NETIKS (Beirut)
NetPower Web Solutions (Norway) NetSoft (Costa Rica)
NetU Consultants (Cyprus) Netways (Lebanon)
Network Consulting (USA) NewTech (Malta)
NEXAN Security (Brazil) NexBITec (South Korea)
Novitech A.S. (Slovakia) OFISIS (Peru)
Okron Data (USA) OMNEXT.NET (Netherlands)
Oneirasoft, LLC (USA) Open Solutions (Argentina)
Optimizing Software (Panama) Paradigma (Brazil)
PC Link (Egypt) Peru Software Association - APESOFT (Peru)
Peters & Associates (USA) PPDG (USA)
Precision Software (Ireland) PRIMAVERA Software (Portugal)
ProActive (Lebanon) Procwork (Brazil)
Professional Computer (Thailand) Programación Integral (Spain)
Progressive Systems Consulting (USA) ProMatch (USA)
ProSyLab (Egypt) Protodyne (USA)
Ptm Software (USA) Public Gate (Germany)
Qualita de Mexico (Mexico) Quality Computers (USA)
Raffles Informatics (UAE) Raya Software (Egypt)
Rediversa (El Salvador) Relate360 (USA)
RelevantView (USA) Renacimiento Sistemas, S.L. (Spain)
SafeIT Security (Sweden) Safira Consultadoria (Portugal)
SAGA SPA (Italy) Sasso & Soto (Costa Rica)
School-Link Technologies (USA) Secure Commerce Systems (USA)
Security Storm (USA) Secuware (Spain)
ServComp (USA) Shnock (Pakistan)
Siam Commercial Bank (Thailand) SIE (Spain)
Sipross (Mexico) Sistemas de Informacion Empresarial (Spain)
Sistemas para el Soporte a las Decisiones (El Salvador) Soft Flow (Beirut)
SOFT S.A. (Spain) SoftAccess International (Malta)
Softool Consulting S.L. (Spain) Software Design Consulting Group (Lebanon)
Software Innovation (Norway) SOFTWIN (Romania)
SOLS (Argentina) Solutions Engineering Corporation (USA)
SSE Mexico (Mexico) Stardock (USA)
Steria España (Spain) Sunrise Support Services (USA)
Support Solucoes em Informatica (Brazil) Symbio Technologies (USA)
Synet Systems (USA) Synise Technologies (India)
System Integrators (USA) Systems Support Corp (USA)
TCDI (USA) Tech 5 (USA)
Tech Pacific (Thailand) Tech Support Computer Services of Ohio (USA)
Techdata (South Korea) Technology Partners (Puerto Rico)
TechTalk (Austria) Tecnium Products (Puerto Rico)
Tepe Technology (Turkey) The Training Camp (USA)
ThreeSixtyDegreez (Pakistan) TISSAT (Spain)
TPI (USA) Tribute (USA)
Trinity Consulting (USA) Truewater (USA)
Unger Technologies (USA) Update.com (Austria)
Urudata (Uruguay) VeluSoftware (Panama)
Venezuela Software Industry Association - Caveinsoft (Venezuela) Vertscape (UAE)
VirgiTech (Egypt) Virtual Practice (Australia)
VisionCore (USA) Visual Solutions (USA)
Vizicomp (Bulgaria) Voltrax (USA)
Vxceed Technologies (UAE) WebTime (South Korea)
Wind River Systems (USA) Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi (Turkey)
ZEIT AG (Switzerland) ZFPIT (Saudi Arabia)
Zuhair Fayez Partnership (Saudi Arabia)

marc said...

About ISC: "our mission is to avoid at all costs that government discover and experiment the benefits of open source (OSS) products and services, and keep them spending lot of citizen's $$$ in software of our associates."