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05 June 2007

Back from the country side

I just came back from a nice long weekend on the country side. My family and I have spend the last four days in the family cottage on the west coast (Map). Nice to stay off-line for several days. But revenge came, when I had the first look at my inbox when I came home: 165 new mails.

Well, after a couple of hours sorting and reading, I started answering some of them.

I came to my knowledge that IBM passed on the mini hearing tomorrow. Instead, they have asked professor Mogens Kuhn Pedersen from Copenhagen Business School to present the ODF side. Mogens is up tp date with all relevant information and he is, by the way a resource on this area. He is chairman for the U-34 committee under DS (http://www.ds.dk/3537).

I think it's very wise to ask the professor to do this presentation.

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