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12 June 2007

I must get to it

The OOXML ballot is coming close.
Here in Denmark, there is a hearing going on now. The deadline is July 2nd. Here e it is a committee under DS (Dansih Standards). I already received the standard form from DS to submit my objections. Believe it or not, it's a spreadsheet. guess what file format ?

I have spend some time researching and planning my approach to this. I have received a lot of good ideas from all kinds of communities over the last few month, while I was working on the case in the Parliament.

Yes, that's go to e my recipe for a good objection. What do you think ?

Make sure to make your contribution to the ballot on time in your country. Every objection is important.


martin schlander said...

In SSLUG we're about to begin our own answer for the hearing. Right now my strategy is to speak the language of ISO and DS - that is, I'll focus more on the market related issues caused by having "a double standard" so to say ;-)

.. and focusing less on the technicalities.

Anonymous said...

The GrokDoc objections are well known, and may possibly not add to the debate. You may well find useful inspiration in the UK BSI publicly readable wiki at http://www.xmlopen.org/ooxml-wiki/index.php/DIS_29500_Comments
as mentioned by Rob Weir in his blog.

Leif Lodahl said...

It's important to get all the details from GrokDoc into the hearing. Otherwise it will not be taken into consideration. The hearing is a complete new process.

But thanks anyway. I'll have a look at it and consider to use it. Any comments with new approach are welcome.