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10 June 2007

Broadcast on BBC

Broadcast in the UK today is a remarkable 20 minute round up of the thriving state of global open source. The principle themes are extreme innovation (See Mark Shuttleworth interview and some examples), choice, many eyes gives more security, modular approaches, easy information flow, open bug tracking, and the great successes of Open Office, citing hundreds of thousands of users.

Oh, and one other thing. It's Free.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/video_and_audio/default.stm (English)

(Scan down page and look for ‘Click’, and the slightly curious headline ‘Is Web 2.0 an improved version of the web or just a marketing term?’)

Article balance:
Noteworthy is the complete deafening silence from Microsoft & Apple. Being the BBC, it is almost certain both companies would have been asked to contribute to ensure balance.

You will smile from ear to ear to hear this. Feel free to pass it on.

I got this from Chris Clark. Thanks Chris for the information. Happy to see that good old BBC is still up to date.

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