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20 June 2007

Integrating OpenOffice.org in Lotus Notes ...

One of the objections from Microsoft, against ODF as a single document standard, isthat ODF doesn't support what they call smart fields for data transmission and calculations. Well, we know that this is just another lie from the Microsoft FUD machine. We, from the Danish community made a very clear complaint to the Parliament about this.

Now is one of the first proves on the way from a Scandinavian software company: Symfoni Software.

Next release of Symfoni eOffice is planned in June 2007 and here you will see one of the first implementations of complete integration of ODF in a Notes based document management system.

ODF support will be a native part of other applications from Symfoni in the future, e.g. a quality management system, called QMS.

This is the prove of the fact, that ODF can easily be integrated in other applications like Notes based applications.

The product

EOffice is a Lotus Notes based collaboration platform, witch gives you the opportunity to work together on correspondence and documents in the center, and work from you customer database, employee database or whatever. Create documents and store them in a centralized container and still keep track of your work.

I'll come up with some screen shots as soon as possible.

The company
The company I work for is Symfoni Software.

http://www.symfonisoftware.com Symfoni is a Scandinavian IBM Business Partner and we are working with Lotus Notes/IBM Rational development and education. One of our standard Lotus Notes products is eOffice.


Jesper Lund Stocholm said...

This looks really interesting as I assume this is a "ODF-version" of what is known as "Custom Schemas" in OOXML.

Do you have a reference or link to the technical aspects of this and its implementation?

Leif Lodahl said...

Hi Jesper,
I don't have detailed information on the technical side of this yet. I hope to get some screendumps soon.

The implementation is done using a peace of standard API from Swing Software (see http://www.swingsoftware.com/products/integrator/default.asp )