Lodahl's blog: Things I should do (if I had the time)...

10 September 2007

Things I should do (if I had the time)...

  • Research and investigate OpenOffice.org Extensions. I am interested in the technical path, but also the marketing issue. I think extensions deserve more focus. So far I have managed to create extensions with templates, but how do I create an extension with gallery items ?
  • Prepare my speak at OOoConf2007 in Barcelona next week.
  • Harvest and upload some more words from articles on the Internet. The new Danish spell checker needs help, and this is one way I can help. I don't have language skills to help with the linguistic work.
  • Investigate Gimp (www.gimp.org) and Inkscape (www.inkscapre.org) works. I must find out how to use these wonderful graphical applications

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