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20 September 2007

Mozilla and OpenOffice.org

Just a few days ago Mozilla Foundation published news about the Mozilla Calendar products (Lightning and Sunbird) will be extracted from the other Mozilla products. The Calendar project is now on their own. If this is a positive new approach or if this will leave the team on their own to die is not to say.

Today Sun Microsystems explained how Sun is contributing to the Mozilla project. Surely e-mail and calendar is the missing components in OpenOffice.org when comparing to another office suite, so it was very interesting to hear.

The project is at the moment preparing new versions with focus on supporting additional technologies e.g. small devices in the front end and more free7busy suppliers in the back end.

Better and more intuitive user interface with a new pane in the e-mail views that shows 'today at a glance'. I'm looking forward to try this and compare with e.g. Lotus Notes 8.

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