Lodahl's blog: Future adoption of ODF ?

05 September 2007

Future adoption of ODF ?

Bob Sutor talks about the future here and he expects to see more adoptions of OASIS ODF in the public sector. Well I hope Bob is right. But I also fear that Microsoft will continue the FUD and lobbying as usual.

According to the Danish minister of Science and IT, the ISO rejection of OOXML will not have any impact on the process in Denmark. The Danish decision to use two standards was not depending on you-know-who to be approved by ISO.

The Danish decision is requiring that OOXML can prove its openness. And the Parliament is watching the situation closely. What we hope is, that the extreme aggressive lobbying and the in many ways dirty tricks used, will be the drop.

For instance you can take a look at this analyzing of the votes in conjunction with the official corruption index. Guess what: The most corrupted countries voted yes.

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