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16 September 2007

Preparing ...

Release of 2.3
Today has been the day of preparations. I'm preparing release of OpenOffice.org 2.3. Expected released tomorrow September 14th. But unfortunately all with webmaster role is out of town. So the Danish release will be delayed for about a week.

Barcelona travel
Preparing my travel to Barcelona. OOoConf2007 (http://marketing.openoffice.org/conference/index.html) is starting on Wednesday and I will go there early Tuesday morning. My flight leaves at 8:30 from Copenhagen Airport. I have been looking into the programme to see where I should participate.

I just received an email from one of the guys there, Jesús Corrius. He is warning us about the weather forecast (http://www.barcelona.com/weather_in_barcelona). His words:

Please note that between Tuesday and Wednesday the temperatures will go down significantly (3 o 4 Celsius degrees less )

I think I can live with that. Here in Copenhagen it's 15 - 18 degrees celcius during daytime (http://www.dmi.dk/dmi/danmark/regionaludsigten/kbhnsj.htm).

Barcelona presentation
Well, I made the presentation about a month ago and I don't feel I need to make any changes. Just ran through the slides to re-discover the spirit.

I'll see you in Barcelona :-)

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