Lodahl's blog: A wet barbecue

12 August 2007

A wet barbecue

Saturday evening we had invited a few friends over for dinner. The plan was to enjoy the nice weather out door in the garden. We prepared a nice steak for the barbecue. Unfortunately the weather changed around four o'clock in the afternoon and a cloudburst gave 80 mm of rain in one hour.

While my wife was preparing the salad in the kitchen, the water suddenly came up in the kitchen sink. The water was coming in the house. I had to move some things from the ground floor to the 1st. floor in the house to avoid too many damages. Panic.

We had to make the table inside, but I managed to get the barbecue started anyway.

You can see some more pictures here: http://galleri.tv2.dk/index.php/category-Vejret/id-7883763/page-1.html?forside

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