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26 August 2007

News from Denmark UPDATE !

It seems that the committee didn't come up with a concrete decision about what to vote. They have asked DS (Danish Standards) to send a delegation to ISO to hand over a long categorized list of comments. The list must be long and serious because it is inconsistent with a recommendation.

So, it will not be a yes !
The question is, if the delegates has the guts to put a no vote or if they will abstain from voting.

I'll try to find further information soon.

Thanks to John Gøtze for this information...

According to Danish Standards website http://www.ds.dk/3537 the result will be published on September 3th.

The committee has agreed that there is some issues that should be improved in ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML. The committee has asked DS to post these issues to ISO.
The issues will be published together with the Danish ballot as well.

My own conclusion is, that it can't be a yes vote from Denmark, because the decision includes so called issues. The question is, how strong these issues are. But I think it will be abstain. There are too many M$ partners in the committee that wouldn't accept a no.

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Anonymous said...

Secret votes? Lack or chairs?

I can't understand that any Committee of reasonable standard experts can accept the vote as it is. But keeping it secret sounds like "Yes with comments"-