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13 August 2007

Comments are being moderated from now

So far I have not been hit by spam in comments. Unfortunately this is becoming a problem, and I have decided that comments should be moderated from now. I'm sorry, but thats the way it works now.

It's my policy that all serious comments will be accepted without any moderation at all, also in case you disagree with me. Only spam and inappropriate language will be rejected.

I'll try to take care of the moderation within a few hours during daytime (Europe) and as soon as possible in the morning.

I'm very sorry that this is necessary.

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Jesper Lund Stocholm said...

Comment-spam is perhaps the most annoying aspect of Web 2.0 ... especially because the filters to prevent them are not yet as qualified as those preventing email spam. Moderation is sadly sometimes a requirement to have a working blog.

Just a small pledge: Please, please don't fall into the same mud pit as Rob Weir, who has lost a lot of his credibility because he does not allow comments against his opinion. The most interesting blogs are the ones that does not serve as a collective "pad-our-backs"-community, but those that allow difference of opinion.