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12 August 2007

Todos for this week

Tomorrow i'll start working after my vacation. This is my todo list for the first week or so:


  • Research on Lotus Notes/Domino 8 Beta 3 - Make a review for my colleges
  • Create a new VMWare environment with Domino/Lotus 8 and Symfoni product e-Office (for demonstration and test)
  • Create new OpenOffice.org templates for Symfoni Software
  • Implement OpenOffice.org templates (with field-to-field data exchange) in Symfoni e-office
  • Prepare a demo (new movie) with Symfoni e-Office and OpenOffice.org integration (make a draft story board)
  • Try to get an overview of my calendar appointments. Here is probably at least 20 new invitations waiting for me to consider.
  • Get a new rain water tank (The old one couldn't take the pressure yesterday). We got 80 mm rain in one hour and a new official record: 10.9 mm in one minute.
  • Do physiotherapy exercises with my son every day. He needs to exercise for about half an hour every day
  • Translation of 2.3. We still need to translate about 200 strings
  • Try to get more Danish signatures on the petition on www.noooxml.org
  • Register and analyze 98 answers from the Danish municipals. We asked them about 15 questions about OpenOffice.org and open standards

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