Lodahl's blog: ...and what about ISO organization ?

14 August 2007

...and what about ISO organization ?

Pieterh reflects in this blogpost, on, what impact the OOXML ballot in ISO will have on ISO as organization. It is very interesting thoughts about how ISO can be taken over by vulnerable attacks.
If Megatron can bully and buy ISO, then ISO is dead. No standard that is bought in blood is worth having, and the standards body that accepts such a controversial process is signing its own death warrant.
For more than a lifetime, ISO has been the organization to ask for a standardization if it was serious. But what happens now, if ISO is no longer creditable ? Which standard should we trust then ? The result will be, that a jungle of small organizations will try to take over the position from ISO. Lots of countries will rely more on national standardization committees and we will end up with hundreds of future standards.

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