Lodahl's blog: My experience with Android - part I

14 September 2009

My experience with Android - part I

I'm working together with a few other consultants on a joint project. Last week I was sitting in the office at customer and one of my co-workers said:

Hey Leif! You are always bragging about being that open source freak. Are you aware that you are the one with the less open sourced mobile?
I must admit that it was embarrassing. I - the open source freak - was using a traditional Nokia running Symbian. And he just bought a new Android phone: The HTC Hero.

I looked at it. I tried that Google application where you can look at Google Street View in 3D (if you turn around, you will automatically switch view direction). Useless gadgets off cause. Who needs that kind of overestimated rubbish.

Today I called my operator and asked about the price and conditions. She told me about I could have a similar phone (because I'm a very valued customer) for almost nothing. Okay then. Please ship it today, I said.

No no. You must go to one of our shops and buy it. Remember to change your subscription first - then you will get it for less. Thanks a lot. I'll go and buy it right away.

Off with the bus. Shift bus twice (no wonder why their phones are so cheep. Their shop is in the middle of nowhere). Okay now finally at the phone shopand I waited only 20 minutes before I could get to talk with one of the shop employees.

Okay - A business subscription - I need to call the business department - Hang on. Waited another 3 - 5 minutes.

Fine - we can change your subscription right away if you buy a new phone. YES! Thats the whole purpose of me beeing here for crying ou loud. I was getting a little irritaded. When all the computer registrations was done, he asked me what phone I would like to buy? Well I was thinking of a HTC Hero, I said.

Ohhhh. Thats ehhh - not good. have you seen the new Iphone by the way? HTC Hero is not on stock and we have no idea about hen we can get another delivery.


This is one of your top models. I talked to a sales woman in business department this afternoon. She send me here.

I guess you will have to wait for my evaluation until later. So far I can only look with envy towards my co-worker by the next table. I think I'll stick with Nokia for a while. At least until Telenor can get me a new phone.

Did I tell you, that I had to wait undtill the guy could undo all his registrations to my subscription?


Max said...

Symbian will be the most open OS ever:


Anonymous said...

All those fancy phones are not for you anyway ;-) - Stokking