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10 September 2009

Export from OpenOffice to Freemind

I just launched a new extension that exports the structure of headings in a text document to Freemind 0.8 format.

Quite nice if you need to get an overview of a large document.

Please help me test it.



Christophe Pradier said...

Hello Leif,
that's interesting work, and I guess I can find productive use for it.

I found two problems so far :

- HTML encoded characters remain in entries and also in the name of the file you create. For instance "my doc.odt" will be converted in "my%20doc.mm". Maybe that's a specific of my using it under Windows ?

- Special characters are not escaped, which means (amid other things) that entries with double quotes will create syntax errors in the mm file.

Leif Lodahl said...

Hi Christophe,
Thanks for your feedback. I find it very usefull.

I will look into these problems during the weekend (I hope to find the time).


Leif Lodahl said...

These bugs are fixed in new release of today.

andykidd said...

This look to be just what I need Leif, Iam about to try it out. Thanks for satisfying a need!

paul poulsen said...

i downloaded your extension last week via libreoffice extensions. It almost works, but two things i want to ask:
The german Umlauts are not exported. Any chance to fix it?
I detected, that sometimes the created mm-file is empty, but no errors or any logs are shown.
Is it possible to view the export process in detail, if exporting fails?

My Email is nexus111@web.de
I´m from Germany (North, near the danish border).
My name is Jens

Are you still developing this tool?