Lodahl's blog: Export to Freemind part III

17 September 2009

Export to Freemind part III

I just uploaded a new version of the Export Freemind extension. Now you can export any document with any headings. The mindmap structure will be based on the documents outline numbering (Tools - Outline numbering).

If a level is missing (e.g. if Heading 1 - Heading 3 (no Heading 3) the missing level is replaced with a 'dummy' heading with a red color.

New version available at http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/Freemind

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Allan said...

I just went through an attempt to install the plugin - to possibly help others, here are a few bumps I encountered.

I'm using OOo 3.1 - US/English on Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04.

1) After accepting the license, I get an error concerning a missing file ".../LuceneHelpWrapper.jar".

Solution: It turns out I didn't have the package "openoffice.org-java-common" installed.

2 ) I make a document from scratch with Header 1 / 2 / 3 - going to the File menu to "Export Freemind". Can't find the menu, just isn't there.

Solution: Restart OOo. Everything is working now.

Thanks for the plugin!

Leif Lodahl said...

Thank you for your reply Allan,

The error is quite mysterious because there's no Java in this extension at all. Never the less I have heard about this before and I will add some more information about this problem on the download site.

It's a common problem with OpenOffice that you must restart OpenOffice after install, update and uninstall of an extension.

I will talk with the OpenOffice developers about forcing a restart when relevant.

thanks for your feedback.vI really appriciate the comments.

best regards,

Christophe Pradier said...

Hello Leif,
I've got a slightly different problem. After accepting the license agreement, the installer stops saying "Could not create Java implementation loader".
If I find any clue for an answer, I'll post it.

Leif Lodahl said...

@Christophe Pradier
What OS are you using?
Do you have Jave installed (JRE)? You can check that in OpenOffice in Tools - Settings - OpenOffice.org - Java.

Leif Lodahl said...

@Christophe Pradier
If you are using Linux: install 'openoffice.org-java-common'

If you are using Windows:
You might have a problem with your JRE. Please read this tread: http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.phtml?t=62982

It seems like the same problem.

The problem is also discussed here: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions_trouble_shooting#java_loader as

If you receive this message and think it is not related to the above mentioned problem the following work-arounds might help:

- Rename/Remove your openoffice.org user folder. (e.g. in Ubuntu it is .openoffice.org2/user in your home directory)

- Go into Options and uncheck Java/"Use a Java runtime environment." Restart OpenOffice and try to enable the extension again. Receive the same error. Return the check to the "Use a Java runtime environment" box.


Christophe Pradier said...

I don't know why Java was required at all.

Anyway just by activating a JRE inside OOo, the problem did not re-occur.

So far so good.