Lodahl's blog: Export to Freemind Part II

13 September 2009

Export to Freemind Part II

I have been working to improve the export to Freemind over the last few days.

Here are the new features:

Freemind structure is changed, so that top level is from document properties. I am using Title and Subject if available. Otherwise I just use the filename.

If one or more levels are missing, I will substitute with dummy levels that will be colored red in Freemind. That is to keep the strict structure.

Help content added.

Launching the file with Freemind if possible (For Windows and Linux only). That is if I can find the Freemind program.

Added status in statusbar

Fixed bugs:
Correct encoding of filename with spaces.
Problem with "" and & in headers
Pushing the Cancel button in Save file dialog results in an error.

You can download the extension here: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/Freemind


Francis said...

Hello Leif
I just download and test your new version (freemind Extensions 20090913.0.1-Beta).
I'm sorry but the last one was working to export in freemind the openwriter file, without open the freemind software. Today, your version works inverse. Open freemind software, but without the export of the items in writer.
I hope help you and thanks for your works
Best regards

Leif Lodahl said...

Could you please explain more precise what your point is?

Is there a bug or are you just not happy with Freemind to open after the export?

Please give me feedbak.