Lodahl's blog: Tip: Store menues and toolbars in a template

11 February 2008

Tip: Store menues and toolbars in a template

In different work situations we need to use different tools and we have the opportunity to design OpenOffice.org to provide us with the relevant tools at all times. This because we can store specific settings in documents and templates.

If you have created a new menu or menu item or maybe a new toolbar, you can choose not to store it in the application, but in one specific document or template file. In this way you will be able to use that tool in the situation where you need it.

Open the template in edit mode and make your changes using Tools - Customize... . When you are finished making your changes, just remember to select the template as storage for your change. Whenever you use the template in the future, the new tool will be available for you.

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