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17 February 2008

I don' know ...

I work with IT and information systems every day. I use the Internet and I am often working with project regarding knowledge management. I always work with things that can be related to knowledge or information. I find information, I use information, and I share information. Today I got two questions from my family that i couldn't give an answer to.

That made me think of a Danish poet, Piet Hein:
Knowing what Thou knowest not
Is in a sense Omniscience.
-Piet Hein, poet and scientist (1905-1996)

My youngest son has been through a tough year. Last year in January he went to the hospital to get his left leg fixed. It was approximately 6 cm too short and without surgery it would end up being 12cm too short (shorter than the right leg). We are just about to finish the treatment and today he asked me:
Dad, do you think I will ever be as the other guys in school ?
He was referring to the fact that he is limping a little and that he doesn't run very well. He would very much like to play soccer again. For six months he didn't use his muscles, so the legs are still quite week. All I could do to answer that question was to refer to the doctors and physiotherapists: They don't know.
We know where you started and we can see how far you are now. But we can't say how far you can get. Perhaps because we don't want to know the true answer. The true might be too much for us.
Piet Hein again:
If you knew
what you will know
when your candle
has burnt low,
it would greatly
ease your plight
while your candle
still burns bright.
-Piet Hein

The other question ?
From my wife - and thats none of your business ;-)

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jpmcc said...

We know - the question from your wide was: "When are you going to get off that stupid computer and come to bed?"

;-) John