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11 February 2008

If you don't like it - stay away

A certain reader has on several occasions posted sarcastic comments to my blog when I refer to other blogs or websites. Comments like: "Don't you have an opinion of your own ?" and "Is that all you'we got ?".

I always accept all comments on my blog and these posts has all been accepted.

To Jesper I will only say: If you are not satisfied with how I run my blog, then stay away. I have no obligations to you and I have never asked you to read my blog. I find this kind of criticisms personally offending because you don't know anything and you are not in a position to criticize me.

I will not spend time explaining the reasons for posting or not posting about certain issues.

When I write something and if I'm wrong in what I write, then your criticism is relevant and if you comment on my opinion thats OK. But don't tell me how to run my blog.

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Jesper Lund Stocholm said...

For those missing the silver-lining, yes I am the certain reader.

And Leif, you are 100% correct - who am I to ask for any kind of quality in the debate? Who am I to suggest that you actually form an opinion of your own instead of acting as a mere router for the happy people at noooxml.org.

And who am I to dare challenge you on your posts?

... oh ... and btw: you say that "But don't tell me how to run my blog."

Please - you have turned what used to be an interesting blog into a bulletin-board.

I will not bother you any more. Have fun padding yourself on your backs with your friends at noooxml.org .

Bye bye ...