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22 February 2008

Open ? - Yah right !

Microsoft has announced that they are open.
http://www.version2.dk/artikel/6341 (Danish) about Steve Balmers announcment from yesterday

Yah, and I believe in Santa.

Of cause I see any approach from Microsoft towards openness and interoperability as positive. But my experience with that company is, that they say one thing and continues as nothing has happened.

http://www.version2.dk/artikel/6346 (Danish) about the European Commission in doubt about Microsoft being honest.

From my own point of view, this is just Microsoft trying to catch a few votes in the BRM meeting in Geneva next week. Many of the outstanding objections to ISO approval of OOXML is about referencing binary and proprietary file formats. Some participants might change their vote to a yes if Microsoft can convince them, that these file formats are open in some way.

The big problem is, that none o the participants have time to find out whats behind all this.
http://www.version2.dk/artikel/6340 (Danish) about warning: It's happening too fast.
They can only read the headlines, not the complete articles. Microsoft hopes that they can change votes from the headlines only.

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