Lodahl's blog: Networking sucks

05 September 2008

Networking sucks

Can anyone explain this to me ?
Every time I start using the internet from my Ubuntu Linux thing, my wife starts making funny noises.

It's true. I checked the manual (spoke to my father-in-law !) She's alright.

The Wireless network gets totally overloaded when I start my browser.

Half the time my netcard is Idle, but the router is still working so hard that it makes my wife say §@$¤£~!

When I decided to install Linux I knew I would face some serious trouble. You know, all the things they are writing articles about on the internet. But I seriously never expected to hear funny noises from mrs. caused by this.

It's a Jensen of Scandinavia Air Ling WBR 6954 with firmware v1.4.3.C


jpmcc said...

Let's see - either keep your wife, or keep Ubuntu.

No contest :)

(Happily married for 26 years, happy Ubuntu user for 4 years)

Klavs Klavsen said...

I have had this happen on my router as well. It happens if I have too many tabs in firefox - using session saver - it will restore them all at once, and hence make a lot of simultaneous network trafic. And keep in mind - that a normal page often contains ~100 elements - so having 20 tabs open - means 2000 elements needs to be fetched (or checked for freshness atleast).

it's usually the internetrouter from your ISP that's the problem. They are not very CPU/memory-heavy - and this means they can't handle too many simultaneous connections.
This also hurts torrent traffic.