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12 September 2008

Advise: before you switch to Linux

I'm pretty sure that I will stick with Linux from now on. I have had some problems on the way, but now I feel quite comfortable with my 'new' computer.

I'll give you a few advises before you decide to switch:
Find out witch programs you actually use on your computer. Do it very accurate, for example by making notes about it every day for about two weeks. Then, put priority on the applications. How often you use the programs and how important they are for you.

Also have in mind that some services on the Internet like homebanking and online shopping might be a problem. Not all banks and webshops actually accepts any other browser than Internet Explorer. Sad, but true.

Now find out if your most important applications exists for Linux. Many free software are actually available on many platforms. The applications that doesn't work on Linux must be replaced by alternatives. Do some research on the Internet about alternatives. If you for instance use MSN you can easily transfer your account to another application called Pidgin. It's just a question of finding the alternatives.

If you need help to find the best alternatives, don't mind asking questions. There are many people willing to help you. Search the internet and ask questions on forums and in communities.

A good database with 'alternative' applications:

Another article about switching to Linux:

Good luck.

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A nice place to find alternative softawre:

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