Lodahl's blog: Lotus Notes integration

11 September 2008

Lotus Notes integration

I've been working with system integration with Lotus Notes and Office for several years now and I have been looking forward to see how IBM Lotus would take advantage of Lotus Symphony and Lotus Notes. Both applications are build on the same Eclipse platform and I have talked to lots of customers about how IBM could take advantage of this.

Here it is. And I hope that this is only the beginning.

Bob Balfe writes on his blog how Lotus Symphony can be 'composite' in the future: http://blog.balfes.net/index.php?entry=entry080910-110959

Watch the demo video here: http://blog.balfes.net/files/ntosin6/Notes2SymphonyIn6Minutes.html and see how selecting documents in a view can update a spreadsheet chart. Woow.

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