Lodahl's blog: Linux: Episode 4

31 August 2008

Linux: Episode 4

I ust admit that most of this episode actually took place in the garden. It was 23 degrees Celsius and the sun was shining. Sorry, but I just had to do something in the garden.

Nevertheless I tried some of the fine advice from you - the readers. Alexander Colorado suggested sudo dpkg -i folder/to/openoffice3.0/* but that didn't work. Result: -bash: ooobasis3.0-base_3.0.0-3_i386.deb: No such file or directory. And what do I know about that ? Nothing.

An Anonymous Danish reader suggested me to add a few lines to /etc/apt/sources.list from https://launchpad.net/~openoffice-pkgs/+archive
but that didn't work either.

Is it really that difficult to add new software ?

Never mind. I'll figure it out somehow - some day!

Thanks for all the comments. I really feel that I'm not alone.


Niels Hansen said...

Et hurtigt søg på "openoffice 3.0 ubuntu" på google gav følgende side som nr. 1: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/05/08/test-drive-openoffice-3-beta-in-ubuntu/

Vejledningen er måske lidt teknisk, men hvis du downloader filen som beskrevet, kan du pakke .deb-filen ud på dit skrivebord og installere den ved at dobbeltklikke. Derefter skal du nok følge anvisningen EFTER punkt fire (altså ikke selve kommandoerne i punkt fire) for at få en genvej.

Jeg har ikke selv prøvet, men hold og lykke.

Peter I. Hansen said...

The packages at Launchpad seems to be for Intrepid Ibex, which will be out in a month or two.

I would wait for that just to save a lot of trouble.
There is also a good chance that Ooo-3.0 will be included in Intrepid, which is even better.