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24 August 2008

Generate Lorem Ipsum dummy text in OpenOffice.org

Some time ago I made a new version of my Lorem Ipsum Generator extension for OpenOffice.org. You can find it here: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/Lorem_ipsum_generator.

It's actually not rocket science. The extension calls a website that returns a piece of dummy text and puts it in you document. Lorem Ipsum text is a nice thing, if you are making a template or a document but doesn't yet have the actual text content. You will then use the dummy text to fill out your template or document to see how it looks.
News in this version:

  • Paragraphs are actual paragraphs and nit just a linebreak
  • The dialog is ajusted and looks nicer
  • Localized English and Danish. Please contact me if you would like to translate it int
Here is a few screenshots:

The extension was even refered to by SoftPedia Here: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Office-tools/Other-Office-Tools/Lorem-ipsum-generator.shtml


florin marcus said...

Very interesting.
What site is it and how exactly is the content extracted?



Leif Lodahl said...

Hi Florin,
The content is collected by passing the parameters to a quite simple webservice on http://www.lipsum.com/ . The service returns a XML-string with the content.

Psel00 said...

I have installed the extension, but I do not find the "button" or the "menu" to generate the text.

Where is supossed to find it?

I supossed to find in Tools>Add-ons

Thank you,

Leif Lodahl said...

Restart OpenOffice after installation. If you don't see the icon, please try View - Toolbars and then check 'Lorem Ipsum'.

I hope you can make it work ;-)

Psel00 said...

Thank you very much!
I have found the button!
But the toolbar is named "Generate toolbar" instead of "Lorem Ipsum"

I have the spanish version of oo.org. Could it be the problem?

Brad said...

As per Pse100, I was confused how to actually use the Lorem Ipsum extension. On a hunch, I downloaded 1.6 (I had had 1.2), restarted OOo, and it worked as advertised (i.e., the extension button appeared as a very small, square-ish toolbar, top left, and clicking it led to all the Lorem Ipsum goodness I could ever want).

Suggestion: Why not post your reply to Pse100 on the main download page (http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/en/project/Magenta_Lorem_ipsum_generator). I suspect that we two are not the only one who have had usage questions.

Thanks, Brad, middle of the currently very snowy US of A

Farnze said...

Just got to say a great little tool that will save me hours of work. Installed without a hitch.
Leif, Thanks for the applet and making it available. I appreciate it.

David Brennan said...

I just wanted to quickly thank you for this cool little add-on. It was the first Extension I ever tried in OpenOffice, and so it was also just a fun exercise for me to learn how to install Extensions.

(Here was the site with the instructions: http://www.simplehelp.net/2008/08/05/how-to-install-openofficeorg-extensions/)

I hope that this is still compatible with whatever changes Apache ends up making to OpenOffice here in the next few months.

Thanks again and congrats for your creation!

Anonymous said...

Totally does not seem to be available after install. Quite a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I installed 1.6.0 into OOo 4.4.1 for Windows. It appears in Tools > Extension Manager, and under Help, but I don't see any new button or menu item or instructions.