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14 April 2008

Wild translating

The translation has gone wild. The Danish project now only needs to translate another 300 strings before we are done with the job.

Thanks to all the translaters. You have done a great job.

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Dwayne Bailey said...

Leif, mostly I've been watching your blog around the OOXML debates. Congrats on getting all the translation done (I assume its OpenOffice.org). As the creators of oo2po and translators into South African languages I know its a lot of hard work. Well done.

For those who aren't aware of the volumes involved your looking at about 80,000 words for the GUI and 500,000 words for the help (obviously less if the team is not translating from scratch). If a translator works at 1,000-1,500 words a day then you can appreciate the amount of work involved and the dedication of this translation team.