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29 April 2008

Consensus in the Parliament


It is expected that the Danish Parliament will reach consensus http://www.ft.dk/doc.aspx?/Samling/20072/forespoergsel/F24/index.htm about opening two new investigations about open standards:

  1. First one is a technical investigation about the suppliers ability to provide full interoperability between the formats ODF and OOXML. This investigation will be carried out by a neutral part. Who that will be is not decided yet.
  2. Second investigation will be about free competition. This investigation will be done by the Danish Consumer Agency http://www.forbrug.dk/english/ (Danish Competition Authority), an independent governmental organization.
This result must be considered acceptable. Even the Minister of Science and Technology agrees on theis one: http://videnskabsministeriet.dk/site/forside/nyheder/pressemeddelelser/2008/enigt-folketing-bag-koereplan-for-aabne-standarder

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