Lodahl's blog: Thunderbird & Lightning - just discovered a new feature

15 April 2008

Thunderbird & Lightning - just discovered a new feature

I'm very happy to use my Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client for mail. I also use the calendar plug-in called Lightning. Lightning is connected directly to my Google Calendar account, so I can view my calendar live. I use several calendars on Google for different purposes. I just need a Todo thing on Google, but I solved that by creating a local account for that purpose.

Allright then. What is the new ?

I just discovered that it's possible to drag-and-drop an e-mail from my inbox to one of the panes on the right hand side. If I drag it to the calendar part of the pane, the mail is copied into a new calendar event. If I drag it into the task pane, the e-mail becomes a task.

I love open source !


Martin said...

Hi Leif

Thanks for your tip. I'm also using Thunderbird and Lightning and because of all the maillinglists and Tasks ToDo I'm always looking for better ways to structure all these things.

However, it seems like this drag 'n drop feature doesn't work with Thundebird on Ubuntu. :-(

Perhaps someone else can confirm that?

Tboxmy said...

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