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28 January 2008

Top five open source applications

The Danish on-line newspaper Verison2 has an artivle today about the best open source applications. I guess it's from an end users perspective.
The article http://www.version2.dk/artikel/6015 is not based on a survey or anything, but it's seen from the journalists perspective. The list is:

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. OpenOffice.org
  3. InfraRecorder
  4. PDFCreator
  5. Scribus
The article claims that 1.692 articles on Version2 is the prove, that OpenOffice.org is very capable. All articles is written with OpenOffice.org Writer.

The only problems is the messy user interface and the poor spell checker. According to the article.

I have asked Version2 if we can get our hands on these 1.692 documents. That would absolutely be a great contribution to a better spell checker.

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