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30 January 2008

Comment on Linux.com

Russell Ossendryver on January 26, 2008
Commentary: ISO should kick OOXML off the standards bus

This commentary is discussing whether OOXML is qualified for ISO in the first place.

I will add a discussion about the Fast Track Path. Normally it takes several years to get a new standard through an ISO approval. ISO has this special Fast Track method in case a standard has already been qualified in another similar organization. Of cause this is to avoid double work.

But was the Microsoft format qualified at the time of submission ?

NO !

No, because the Fast Track Route was invented for standards that is already made ready before submission to ISO and with more that 3.500 objections in the process, the format wasn't qualified. Obvious faults needed to be fixed (e.g. several errors in the date-time specification) in the ISO process.

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