Lodahl's blog: Interesting meeting this afternoon

18 January 2008

Interesting meeting this afternoon

A have been asked to meet Chris Capossela, Vice president at Microsoft Office.

It seems that he is 'on tour' in Europe at the moment.

The invitation says "Lets meet to have an open dialog regarding open document standards". Let's see what shows up today. I'll refer from the meeting later. Stay tuned.


johndrinkwater said...

“Let’s meet so I can convince you OOXML is the correct way to go”

What other reason would he be visiting ODF supporters for? I guess he might be doing a survey to see how many people actually want ODF support in Office…

Anonymous said...

Come on, grow up. Anybody that sells anything meet with customers and competitors alike; it's straightforward and you don't need a hidden agenda.

If anything it shows that MS look at OOO as a serious competitor and Leif as an important person and I think that's great.

Well done, Leif, keep up the good work and have an interesting afternoon.

Best regards, Thøger Eskildsen