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03 December 2007

That might be the reason for our struggles ...!

A research performed by one of the Danish IT newspapers Computerworld reveals one of the main problems:

  • 56% of the answering persons has never heard of open source software.
  • 38% of them answered that they have open source programs installed on their computer.
Some of the comments to the result says that there is probably people that is using open souce software without knowing that it's actually open source.
  • 25% are using open source software
  • 84% of those who are using it, knows that open source is free of charge
The research is representing 1.200 people that uses the Internet.

I think that one of the problems is, that teachers in public schools don't know about license rights and copyright law. From my point of view, all students that leaves public school should know about whats right and whats wrong and how free software can be free of charge. That's the only way to change this.

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