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13 December 2007

The Inquirer has a coment on this

Thanks to Mads for this link.
The Inquirer calls the Danish approach a comedy.


A comedy is what it is. The Danish parliament first agrees on implementing open standards for office documents. It ends up with open standards or stick with Microsoft. The final solution is for text documents only.

The individual authority will be able to reject following the resolution, because it must be finacial neutral. So anything that costs money is a possible reason for not implementing open standards.

My conclusion is, that the resolution isn't worth the paper.


Luc Bollen said...

As far as I know, ISO never claimed to be an “open” organisation, nor to produce “open standards”. The secrecy around the ECMA change proposals currently in preparation is a good proof of this.

Given the way of working of both Ecma and ISO/IEC JTC1, OOXML cannot be considered as an open standard, despite the spin made by Microsoft.

It is not wrong per se to use close processes to produce a standard, but it is wrong to use a close process and then pretend the resulting standard is open.

Jesper Lund Stocholm said...


Again - you speak against your better knowledge ... or at least you should know better. During the two public konferences our National IT- and Telecom Agency held in Aarhus and Copenhagen on December 3rd and December 10th, respectively, they clearly explained what would be the result of not choosing support for an open standard. They emphasized that choosing not to support an open standard in one of the seven areas, should be accompanied by a really, really good explanation and the required amount of documentation was actually pretty vast in size.

I am amazed that you keep bringing this kind of uncertainty and doubt to the process, when you clearly should know better. You are in many's mind an authority-figure in the debates in Denmark, and you should honor this inherent responsibility and get your facts straight.

PS: Have you stopped commenting on our blog, effectively leaving it as a static propaganda-portal?

Jesper Lund Stocholm