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01 December 2007

Now it's getting operational :-)

First it was strategical decision in Folketinget (the Danish parliament) in summer 2006. This summer 2007 the agreement between government and the Danish municipals was a fact. And now we are getting close to the operational level. It all should start on January 1th. 2008, where all Danish authorities must be able to receive both ODF and OOXML documents.

A few days ago the Danish IT- and Tele agency published a 'manual' for the authorities. I think the manual as it is leaves the spirit of B103 behind and leaves the authorities with a choice of 'make he easy choice' with no respect for the original purpose and spirit of the resolution.

The manual (in Danish) can be found here: http://dokumentformater.oio.dk/billedmappe-til-dokumentformat-hjemmesiden/leverancer/62451-v4j-vejledning_-_rapport_tdh.pdf

There is a two week hearing period for this paper, and I will try to put rejections and comments.

Thanks to Jesper Lund Stocholm to direct my attention to this.

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Jesper Lund Stocholm said...


I think that if you read the technical report you will see, that it in no way was a realistic solution to choose ODF as the only allowed document format in the Danish public sector. The converters are simply of too bad quality at the moment.

Remember, politics is not about clear-cut, razor-sharp decissions but about choosing the best possible, pragmatic road given the current reality in the Danish public sector.

Jesper Lund Stocholm